HTSB High Brass Threaded Hex Spacer


A High Brass Threaded Hex Spacer is a fastening hardware used in electronic, mechanical, or structural applications to create a defined space or separation between components while providing a secure connection due to its reliable construction, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, and ability to create defined spaces. These are essential components in diverse industries, contributing to various systems and applications’ stability, functionality, and safety. Here’s everything you need to know about HTSB high brass threaded hex spacer.

What is HTSB-M3-10-5-2 High Brass Threaded Hex Spacer?

This component is a 10mm High Brass Threaded Hex Spacer with a 5mm Width across flats and an 8mm Bolt Length designed for an M3 thread.


The High Brass Threaded Hex Spacer typically possesses several key features that make it suitable for various industrial and electronic applications. Here are the typical characteristics of such a spacer.

Material Composition:

Brass Construction: Constructed from high-quality brass, offering excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and electrical conductivity.

Design and Configuration:

Hexagonal Shape: Shaped like a hexagon, allowing easy handling and tightening with tools like wrenches or spanners.

Threaded Ends: Features threading along the length of the spacer, enabling it to be securely fastened to bolts or studs.

Hex Spacer: Designed to create defined spaces or separations between components when secured in place.

Dimensions and Specifications:

- Bolt Length: Specifies the length of the threaded part of the spacer.

- Width Across Flats: Measurement across the opposing flat sides of the hex spacer.

- Body Height: Indicates the overall height or length of the spacer.

- Thread Size: Specifies the threaded part size compatible with a particular bolt or stud size.

Versatility and Application of HTSB High Brass Threaded Hex Spacer

- Electrical Insulation: Provides electrical isolation between components due to the insulating properties of brass.

- Corrosion Resistance: Resistant to corrosion, ensuring longevity in various environmental conditions.

- Secure Fastening: Threads allow for a strong and secure connection, preventing the loosening or shifting of components.


- Electronic Applications: Used to mount electronic components on circuit boards or within enclosures while maintaining specific spacing.

- Mechanical Systems: Mechanical systems are employed to separate and secure components in machinery and mechanical systems.

- Automotive and Industrial: Applied in automotive assemblies or industrial settings where precise spacing and secure fastening are essential.

Benefits of Using High Brass Threaded Hex Spacers

Using High Brass Threaded Hex Spacers offers several benefits and advantages in various applications:

- Precision Spacing: These spacers provide precise and consistent spacing between components, ensuring proper alignment and assembly in electronic or mechanical systems.

- Electrical Insulation: Brass material offers good electrical insulation properties, preventing electrical conductivity between components where isolation is crucial and reducing the risk of short circuits.

- Corrosion Resistance: Brass is known for its corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity and reliability, especially in environments where exposure to moisture or harsh conditions is a concern.

- Secure Fastening: Threaded ends allow for a safe and stable connection between components, preventing loosening or shifting, thereby maintaining structural integrity.

- Durable Construction: Brass construction ensures durability and resilience, withstanding wear and tear in various industrial or mechanical settings.

- Ease of Use: The hexagonal shape enables easy handling and tightening using standard tools, facilitating quick and efficient installation or adjustment.

- Versatility: These spacers find application in diverse industries, such as electronics, automotive, machinery, and industrial systems, due to their adaptable nature and reliable performance.

- RoHS Compliance: Many variants of brass threaded spacers adhere to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directives, ensuring environmental compliance and safety.

- Cost-Effectiveness: Offered at various price points, making them an economical choice for maintaining component spacing and securing assemblies.

- Standardization: They are available in standardized sizes and specifications (such as M3 threads), making them easily compatible with a wide range of bolts, studs, and components.

Applications of High Brass Threaded Hex Spacers

Electronics and Electrical:

- Circuit Board Mounting: Mount electronic components onto circuit boards while maintaining specific distances between layers or components.

- Panel Assembly: Employed in electrical panels to create space and separate different circuitry components or modules.

- Insulation Purposes: Where electrical insulation is necessary between conductive components or where grounding needs to be maintained.

Mechanical and Industrial:

- Machinery Assembly: Utilized in machinery and mechanical systems to maintain precise distances between moving parts or components.

- Automotive Assemblies: These are found in vehicle assemblies, such as engines, transmission systems, or chassis, to ensure proper alignment and spacing.

- Manufacturing Equipment: Used in manufacturing setups to space and align components or machinery parts in various production lines.

Construction and Infrastructure:

- Building Systems: Integrated into building systems to separate and secure structural components in construction and architectural applications.

- Infrastructure Projects: Employed in infrastructure projects, such as bridges or utility structures, to maintain accurate spacing between structural elements.

Aerospace and Aviation:

Avionics: Used in aviation electronics to maintain precise spacing and insulation between sensitive electronic parts in aircraft systems.

- Aerospace Equipment: Applied in aerospace manufacturing and equipment to secure and align parts in spacecraft or satellites.

Other Applications:

- Medical Devices: These are found in medical equipment and devices to maintain specific separations between components, especially in precise instruments.

- Telecommunications: Used in telecommunications equipment and systems to space and secure components in communication devices or network infrastructure.

High Brass Threaded Hex Spacers are integral components in various industries. They provide stability, electrical insulation, and secure fastening while maintaining accurate spacing between elements. Their durability, ease of use, and corrosion resistance make them essential in ensuring the reliability and functionality of complex systems and assemblies.

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